Google Changed

Is it just me, or did Google just change the layout of its search results in the last couple of hours? History in the making?


  1. Matt Good Jan 28

    Looks normal to me, so I think it’s just you :)

    Actually this is probably a sign of things to come. A Google employee gave a keynote at the last PyCon and discussed their rollout procedure for new versions. They basically have a dial that they can turn up to deploy new software versions to a percentage of machines. So, I’m assuming you happened to hit a server that’s being used to test some updates before it’s rolled out to the rest of the servers. If everything goes well this may be deployed more widely soon.

  2. Thomas Butter Jan 28

    A result page without a search box? Does not sound very good to me.

  3. Ravi Shekhar S Jan 28

    Why is not this post still not slashdotted!?
    It is so unslashdot. :D

  4. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    I hope it’s not slashdotted. My poor little server couldn’t take it. I would have to switch blosxom to static generation.

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