My Wife Has a Weblog

I’ve had a weblog for four or five years. My daughter has had one for about a year (also equal to the entirety of her life). It’s finally come time—my wife has a a weblog. It is appropriately titled Women and Children First. She’s just finding her blogger voice, so it may take some time to gain momentum.

Anyone who knew Rachele six years ago (around the time we met) would have been shocked at the time to hear that she would one day be a blogger. Back then, her entire relationship to the Internet was mediated through a “My Mail Station” device (that apparently has since been purchased by Earthlink and now has disappeared entirely). These days, she runs Debian Sarge, Evolution, Firefox, etc.. And now WordPress.

My friend Jesse and his cohorts have also started a new blog entitled Tikirobot. From what I can tell so far, it’s similar in style to boingboing but written by people I know. It is also nonduplicative of boingboing content.

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