Google Search Shortcuts

A very nice addition/complement to the search keys extension, google search with keyboard shortcuts. Just add &esrch=BetaShortcuts to your query string, e.g.. You can make it permanent from the Firefox search bar by editing google.xml to add:

<Param name=”esrch” value=”BetaShortcuts”/>

Google Search Shortcuts

Earlier: search keys extension for patent search.


  1. Steve Laniel Jul 6

    I know you hate Linux nowadays, and everything the open-source community stands for, and I know moreover that you’d prefer to see your unionized brethren covered in tar and feathers, but still: don’t you find it cool that Google is using the vim ‘next line’ and ‘previous line’ commands (j and k) for such things?

  2. adam Jul 6

    Yes, but I kind of wish they didn’t use ‘/’ for find, which is already used otherwise by Firefox.

  3. Steve Laniel Jul 6

    Now I’d like them to start adding items to the right-click menu. They’ve made their web apps into highly convincing desktop apps, so I keep expecting that I can right-click on something and see the appropriate context items. I wonder how much browser infrastructure they’ll have to add (à la Gears) to make that happen.

  4. adam Jul 6

    They do use right-click menus. E.g., on Google Maps, you can select “directions from here,” “directions to here,” and some other navigational features, from a right-click.

  5. Steve Laniel Jul 6

    I hadn’t noticed that. That’s pretty cool!

    Now I want them to do the same with their calendar. I’d like to right-click on an event and be able to delete it, move it from my public calendar to my work calendar, etc., etc.

  6. Alex Jul 6

    I want them to add a shortcut that opens the selected search result in a new tab/window!

  7. Kevin Connor Jul 8

    I think and provide a better, overall solution.

  8. dan Nov 6

    a user experience review on this and other google experiments

  9. dan Nov 6

    A very complete guide of the Google search shortcuts

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