Netflix Outage

Netflix was offline for nearly 24 hours — almost weeks in Internet time for a business whose entire existence is online. It was astonishing, at least to me, that a major Internet service could be disrupted for so long.

According to my people on the ground in San Francisco, a transformer explosion was the cause.

It’s a good reminder that the Net is more fragile than we might think.

UPDATE: the original source in California recants. The Netflix outage remains a mystery. Explanations are welcome.


  1. rajbot Jul 24

    Sorry, I was wrong I think. The netflix outage seems to predate the power outage. Laughing Squid has updated their post to point to this article, which claims that the netflix outage is unrelated.

  2. Jonah Kessel Aug 25

    Funny enough, I’ve seen this happen quite a few times from the Bay area up to the Sierra. In three different cases this year, my entire office was forced to get-up and relocate to a different office (in a different state) to finish our daily business.

    The SF Chronicle and Sacramento Bee have reported copper thieves
    as a possible reason for the continual mass scale Internet outages in Northern California. Perhaps this is related to the Netflix outage.

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