Proof of Fall 2007

I’ve been playing around with Gallery and wpg2. I’m still a bit puzzled attempting to integrate Gallery and WordPress. I’ve resolved most issues; the main remaining issue is to display images in the Ajaxian theme without running over the borders in the Ajax/slideshow views. Also, the embedded image apparently doesn’t render in the RSS feed. Update: I’ve given up on the G2 tinymce plugin and the WPG2 tag for now and just hardcoded the image and album URL. Update 2: now the embedded image is working again for no good reason. Suggestions on the entire configuration are welcome.

In any case, I took some pretty photos today in our back yard (use left and right arrow keys to scroll through images after clicking on the one below — I still can’t get the navigation icons to appear):


Before: Proof of Spring 2007.

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  1. Luis Villa Nov 11

    Not showing up in your feed, FWIW.

    Really, I wish the WP guys (or someone with very similar design sensibilities) would just go ahead and write a gallery replacement. I’ve used gallery for ages now, and I still find it overly cumbersome. (I tried to persuade the gallery folks a couple times to do a radical simplification, but they like their complexity and don’t get how it damages them, or how simplicity has helped wordpress take over the world.)

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