Proof of Winter 2007


We were hit pretty hard in Boston. My office was shut down and deserted by mid-afternoon, but I decided to stay until late afternoon — big mistake. You might think the trains wouldn’t be as affected by the snow. And they weren’t — it only took me twice as long to get home, while it took my brother over six hours to drive from Somerville to Roslindale.

Still, it was a pretty extraordinary scene at South Station around 4:30pm. It was packed inside and out. A few trains arrived, and no one got on or off. I was wondering if they were ghost trains until finally things started moving.

The odd color balance in this photo set is because these were all taken in the dark with very long exposure times. But the apocalyptic cast may actually be appropriate.

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  1. Jamie Dec 13

    All we had here in NY was cold, gross rain.

  2. Jeff Dec 14

    I feel your pain. I work in Kendall Square and live in Coolidge Corner, and it took me 90 minutes on the T on what is normally a 45 minute trip. My girlfriend spent 6 (yes, six) hours getting home from Chelsea, and she left at 230pm!

    Winter is officially here.

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