How to be a superstar associate

I do very little law-firm-life blogging here, although that life is where I spend the overwhelming majority of my time.  Consider Real Lawyers Have Blogs (something of a misnomer — they mean real firms have blogs). Counterpoint: Be Careful What You Post (motion to amend to assert defamation counterclaim against new defendant for comment on blog entry granted).

In any event, in case I have any law firm associate readers, I’ll send props to the ABA’s free Litigation Podcast. It has a high signal to noise ratio, and the episodes are usually short enough to complete in my walk to and from the train.

I’d like to draw attention to the latest post (“cast?”), The Secrets of Superstar Associates (21.1 MB MP3). Although on some level the advice should seem obvious, the “rules of the game” are seldom spelled out so clearly. I recommend it to any law students looking to join a firm and junior associates as well. In fact, even if you’re not a lawyer, much of the advice is transferable to surviving in any highly-skilled-professional organization.

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