WordPress “Pages” No Longer Work

All the “pages” linked from my weblog — for example, my “about” page and my PGP key — are broken. I’ve posted in the WordPress Support Forums with no luck. I’m not sure when or why they stopped working, but if any readers have any suggestions of how to troubleshoot, I’d love to hear about it. Nothing relevant appears in server logs.

In the meantime, apologies if you came here trying to find out about me. I’m temporarily out of service.


  1. imbrandon Sep 15

    is your .htaccess file in order and “AllowOveride all” in apache2.conf still ok ? this happened to me too on a server upgrade and it was a case of the .htaccess file being “gone”


  2. adam Sep 16

    I’m actually using apache 1.3, but yes, the .htaccess file is okay. This was my first instinct (htaccess or apache conf), but I can’t find anything wrong there. Since everything on the WordPress installation works except pages, I think it’s probably something else, as I’m not aware of any “page”-specific server configuration.

  3. Sam Sep 17

    Check your permalink settings?
    Tried manually typing in page ‘name’ (after URL)?

    Those are the first things that floated to the top of my punch-bowl ;’)

    note; I’m getting the following error loading/posting at this page:
    Could not create local server: google.gears.factory.create is not a function

  4. adam Sep 17

    Have definitely checked my permalink settings. I don’t see anything wrong there. Not sure exactly what you mean by manually typing in the page name — I have tried constructing the URL I think should correspond to the page rather than navigating to it and I get the same result.

    Odd re Google Gears error. I’ve never seen anything like that on my end. Are you running the latest version of gears? I wasn’t aware that the WordPress gears stuff had any effect on the visitor end.

  5. Myclickworld Oct 6

    Is it working now? How did you fix it?

  6. Adam Rosi-Kessel Oct 6

    I didn’t really fix it — instead I manually wrote RewriteRules for each Page.


    RewriteRule ^about index.php?pagename=about [L]

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