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Dear Lazyweb:

I’m looking for well-designed computer games that meet the following criteria:

(1) Appropriate for a bright four-year-old with low vision (but able to read large print)
(2) minimal/no advertising
(3) preferably Flash/web-based
(4) some educational value (math, reading, etc.)

A few Google searches haven’t turned up much promising. Any suggestions?


  1. vittorio Dec 23

    …here’s my four-year-old today favourite:

    fits all your requirements, but additionally requires italian reading skills

  2. jimcooncat Dec 23

    Some classic arcade games at this site fit the bill for criteria 1-3:

    On any of the game pages the link is in black and says “Play {game name}”. Then click on the ^ arrow to make it fullscreen.

  3. Russell Coker Dec 23

    In regard to vision issues, is there any reason why you can’t just get a big monitor with a relatively low resolution and change the DPI? I’ve found that to work reasonably well for some elderly relatives. But I guess that depends on how large the print has to be.

    Web sites often specify things in pixels, is there a way of running an X client with replacing each pixel with 4 or 9 pixels? Maybe some sort of Zephyr option or something?

    CRT monitors allowed us to set a low resolution on a large monitor, but that isn’t as easy on LCDs (they tend to make things fuzzy). Have you tried finding an LCD monitor that allows running the computer at a resolution that is exactly half the width and height of the display?

  4. adam Dec 23

    We do have a 24 inch wide-screen LCD that is pretty good for most sites. But some games just seem to be better set up for people with low vision — i.e., higher contrast, or just games where the skills involved are not primarily visual.

  5. Adrian Silva Dec 24

    Two non-web based suggestions.

    My nephews are usually entertained by gcompris. Lots of entertaining activities for a wide range of ages and skills.

    Scratch and the gallery of community projects can also provide some amusements. Most interesting on the gallery I find the projects teaching real-world skills (i.e. learn to draw an eye)

  6. Dmitrijs Ledkovs Dec 24 although they have a lot of “requirement 4)” majority is not. Remember hand & eye coordination is very important as well ;-) plus gamers perform better in college!

  7. adam Dec 24

    gcompris is just the kind of thing I was looking for. A few of the games are buggy/nonfunctional for me, but the other ones are very appropriate. In full-screen mode the text is perfectly legible for my daughter.

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