Lazyweb Search Request: Easy Content Management

Dear Lazyweb:

Can you suggest open source content management software that meets these criteria:

  • Cross-platform
  • Very easy to install and configure (from the admin side) and use (from the user side) — I’m thinking as easy from both sides as vqwiki
  • Drag-and-drop to upload content — ideally, the user could drag a DOC file from desktop into a widget in the browser to upload
  • Quick searching and indexing, at least of common file-types (including DOC and PDF)
  • Ability to set up arbitrary metadata elements and values that can assist as filters to searching

Generally, content will be located by search, rather than via any particular folder hierarchy.

Does it exist? There seem to be a lot of open source CMS options, but at least at first glance they may be overkill with a significant learning curve at least on the admin side.


  1. Ernesto Hernández-Novich Apr 26

    Take a look at WebGUI (

    aptitude install webgui

  2. Dmitrijs Ledkovs Apr 26

    Google Apps for Domain? =(((((( non-free but at least supports stuff you want.

  3. adam Apr 26

    Testing comments.

  4. Adam Apr 26

    test 2

  5. Forsetti Apr 26

    Plone — quick basic install on any platform, but as complex as you wish to make it.

  6. Jamie Jun 4

    Have you checked out Zoho Docs?

    It’s not open source, but it is cheap.

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