Word of Mouth is a Scam

I recently noticed an email is going around with the subject line Submission re: (your email address):

Someone who knows you just submitted a Word-of-Mouth Connection about you at our website, WordofMouthConnection.com. When your acquaintance submitted this Word-of-Mouth Connection at our website, they provided us with your email address.

I did a quick google search for “word of mouth” and “word of mouth connection” and all the top results pointed to the site itself.

It appears, though, that the “service” is a total scam. Snopes· does a good job at documenting the problems with the Word of Mouth Connection·. So pass on the word:

There’s no “report” or any other useful information to be found here just a notification that some anonymous contributor recently submitted an “I HAVE INFORMATION” entry on you. If you want to find out what this anonymous contributor actually said about you, you have to communicate with him through Word-of-Mouth’s ANONYMOUS EMAIL SYSTEM which this is where the “sucker” part kicks in is only available to Word-of-Mouth “Power Users”: One-Year Subscription $19.97, Two-Year Subscription (BEST VALUE) $29.97. However, all the “Power Users” who have written to us about their experiences with Word-of-Mouth have reported that after they paid the fees to learn what was being said about them, all they learned was that the anonymous contributors had “misplaced” whatever information they supposedly had to share.

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