benjamin the well-read cat

benjamin the well-read cat smokes giraffe cigarettes walking
alone beneath the family table, evening News

reporting (our simple orange friend) stocks sports broken arms agreements a
new solution to fight cancer — it’s never too soon! — and sly ignorance claims
the succulent plant & a habañero

yesterday’s tremendous newspaper & a favorite cocktail glass we bought
but never understood, puffing away an arched spine
sinuous orange a bowl of uncertain milk falling

from the stair-case over-the-book-case around the
corner on his three fine feet (still young when he lost the one) sleeping

on the heavy unfading carpet & suitcase covered
with original confetti the love of Kleenex our

favorite well-read benjamin
never saw us again, the long streets tuna-paved & lost
through silty avocado eyes.

Written Spring, 1998 |

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