I’ve decided it’s time to jettison the background image (“wallpaper”) for this weblog. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

I’m actually shopping for new blog software, as I’ve decided I’d rather not be maintaining the software that generates this thing for the rest of my life. And it doesn’t do a very good job at generating good URLs, and the comments feature is broken.

I’ve been experimenting with b2, b2++, WordPress, pyblosxom, and blosxom. So far blosxom seems to be the winner, but I’m open to suggestions. Anyone want to advocate for a particular package? Requirements are free software license (DFSG approved, for example—so no MoveableType) and able to run on a standard GNU/Linux server. I’d also like it to have a good (and sustainable) URL system, permit more than one keyword or topic to be associated with each blog entry, and be an extensible framework where you don’t have to spend a year studying the code before you can write a plug-in.

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