NPR Discovers the Weblog

I expect other bloggers share my slight irritation when the traditional media run a story about the “blogging phenomenon.” On Sunday morning, NPR Weekend Edition interviewed New York Times correspondent Matthew Klam who had a story in the Sunday Times Magazine about blogging and the election. Two of the more inane questions (from memory) were:

  • Are some bloggers more trusted than others?
  • Why do you think bloggers are having a bigger effect in this election than in 2000?

The New York Times writer’s answer were almost as inane. He commented that in 2000, a lot of bloggers were still hand-coding HTML.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I would just prefer that they leave us alone. Let us do our thing, and let them do their thing.

I’m also struggling with the question of how an associate in a fairly sizable law firm can continue blogging. I know some of my readers are partners or solo practioners who don’t have to be as concerned about discretion; but what about for those of us low on the totem poll. Any suggestions?

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