Scary Cat

Update 6/25/06: This page has strangely become quite popular. It wasn’t supposed to be a serious attempt at anything. It was an initial experiment to see if I could do video workflow — from camcorder to linux laptop to the web.

Update: Oops! Apparently the syndicated version of this post had the wrong movie URLs. Fixed now—please try again.

I’ve been learning Linux Video in anticipation of a digital camcorder that I’ve ordered—a Panasonic NV-GS400. My understanding is every new parent needs a digital camcorder or will never be able to remember their child’s childhood. So here I go.

Anyway, here’s my first feature-length (well, one minute) film, entitled Scary Cat. It has a fair amount of dramatic tension, so you may want to get a cup of chamomille tea first. It is available in three versions:

The only license restriction is attribution—see the “by” Creative Commons license.

Created using Kino, which deserves to be boosted at least two positions in its Google placement.

I’d welcome feedback—especially let me know if you can’t play the video. Be gentle, though, it’s my first attempt.


  1. Jamie Jan 28

    That was really scary. I was getting allergic just watching it!

  2. Roland Jan 28

    Yay, a new Kino user! Be sure to install the plugin packages (kinoplus, kino-timfx and kino-dvtitler). You may also want to install ffmpeg2theora, which contains a Kino export script for Theora. It’s not officially packaged yet, but there’s an ITP and you can find the packages on my unofficial repository.

    vlc was able to play both the small and medium versions of your film, but I had to run ffplay (from the ffmpeg package) to get the large one.

  3. Ulf Härnhammar Jan 28

    blah blah Fassbinder blah Wenders blah postmodernism blah blah black polo shirts blah blah Almodovar blah

  4. Andre Jan 28

    Plays fine with the version of xine in Sarge. However VLC gets the audio but no video.

  5. Anonymous Jan 28

    that was amazing

  6. kyle Jan 28

    that was retarted what was scary about it?

  7. bob Jan 28

    it wont run can you help (it freezes) at 10 sec

  8. pooja Jan 28

    it was so lame!!
    the only thing good about it was he cute cat……

  9. Luisa Jan 28

    So sieht meine Katze aus!

  10. Luisa Jan 28

    So sieht meine Katze aus!

  11. Luisa Jan 28

    the is my cat!!!!!!!Oh no!

  12. Anonymous Jan 28

    tshefj batty man

  13. celeste Jan 28

    it was so lame !!!! like so borring it dum

  14. celeste Jan 28

    but the cats cute

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