Why Is Verizon Not Able To Deal?

I keep intending to write my omnibus Verizon gripe entry, but small Verizon gripes keep getting in the way.

The latest: I’ve had crippled DSL service for over a week now. At best, I’m getting 80 KBps down and half of that up, while I’m supposed to be getting 300-400 KBps down and 80-90 KBps up (still nothing to write home about). When I called over a week ago, they said they were in the process of fixing it and usually these outages were just several hours but this one might be a day or two.

The problem is actually at Verizon’s “trunk.” When I do a speed test on the Verizon site, it’s fine—in other words, my Internet connection to Verizon is full speed. Somewhere after the packets reach Verizon’s routing area it slows to a crawl. It would seem like this would be much easier to fix than a problem closer to the edge, but so far no luck.

The Verizon support person I just spoke with said they only just became aware of it because of the phone calls coming in. They had one team working on it, but now that they realize it’s a “big” problem, they have three teams working on it.

Do they really rely on subscribers to call in to find out their network is down? Don’t they monitor this kind of thing? Why is Verizon not able to deal?

Okay, gripe out.


  1. Integral Jan 28

    Verizon can’t seem to figure out how to set up secure email transfers — at any rate, the last time I checked they only supported plaintext POP logins. Given that, I don’t think any other incompetency on their part will surprise me.

  2. Ari Pollak Jan 28

    Tell them you’ll switch to Speakeasy.

  3. Anonymous Jan 28

    And they don’t even have anybody on strike

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