Missing Trackpoint Keyboard

Dear Lazyweb:

Is it really impossible to find a full-sized USB keyboard with a built-in trackpoint mouse device but no touchpad?

The logical manufacturer would be IBM/Lenovo; however, the current Lenovo keyboards either provide no built-in pointing device or have both a trackpoint and a touchpad (“UltraNav”). I’ve checked in all the regular places: eBay, Pricewatch, Amazon, Froogle, craigslist, etc., and no one has a keyboard with just a trackpoint. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this simple request.

This eBay auction is the closest I could find. That keyboard is “French Canadian,” which might not matter, but it is also a “SpaceSaver” model with no numeric keypad and is generally more compressed than I need.

On a related note, it is next to impossible to find a Touchstream Keyboard anymore, another brand I was interested in.

I often run into this sort of problem. It undermines my faith in the web as approximating a perfect marketplace.


  1. Kari Oikarinen Mar 27

    I feel your pain. I’ve personally been looking for an affordable laptop with a trackpoint.

    However, IBM/Lenovo seems to be almost the only one to offer trackpoints anymore. Unfortunately a new Thinkpad is not something I can squeeze into my budget. I did find a Dell model with it.

    Knowing exactly what you are looking for and not being able to find it is really frustrating. I suppose I’ll have to consider buying a used Thinkpad.

  2. Alex Mar 27

    Search for M13

  3. bob Mar 27


  4. Michael Alan Dorman Mar 27

    http://www.pckeyboard.com/ has the lineal descendent of the old IBM Model M keyboards, complete with trackpoint. Only two buttons, though.

    I’m typing this on an IBM RT3200 which is similar to those except not quite so traditionally clicky and it’s got three buttons with its trackpoint.

    Good luck.

  5. cos Mar 27

    i gave up searching for the ideal keyboard & got myself one with both trackpoint & touchpad. i’ve disabled the touchpad area using a piece of cardboard. not as neat as a software solution, but it kinda works for me.

    good luck finding a better keyboard. i guess there is a bigger market for us layout keyboard than for my minor language. it beats me how anyone can live with half sized enter keys on us keyboards though…

  6. Sebastian Feltel Mar 27

    Hello Adam, have you checked http://www.pckeyboard.com/ ? They are selling IBM/Unicomp Model M like keyboards also equipped with an TrackPoint.

  7. quitte Mar 27

    http://www.pckeyboard.com doesn’t have them?

  8. Frank Gevaerts Mar 27

    Have you seen the ones from pckeyboards ?


  9. adam Mar 27

    Thanks, everyone! Endurapro it is. At $100+, it’s not cheap, but it looks like it’s exactly what I was searching for.

    Chalk one up for Lazyweb.

  10. Jon Mar 27

    I have one with a trackpoint at home: disabling it via software is awkward (I use a variation on http://alcopop.org/log/2006/10/14/#ibm depending on where the keyboard shows up in the USB device tree. Also, the pad and the point do not get numbered consistently).

    Just today I found one of those IBM ones with just a trackpoint at work, the ones that have two PS/2 connectors. I’m not sure if I can keep it or not, but I hope so :D

  11. Bob Mar 28

    I was looking for the exact same thing. In the end I bought a second hand T23. It’s virtually impossible these days to buy a new laptop without a touchpad. Man, I really can’t stand those things – worst design ever. Even if you don’t use the bloody thing you brush it with your hand and whoever came up with the idea of tapping it for a double click should be dragged out into the street and beaten to a bloody pulp.

    @cos, on my Dell laptop (supplied by work), I opened up the keyboard and disconnected the touchpad – it’s a simple 4 pin socket and you can always reconnect it later. I’d suspect they’re mostly the same and it should be a bit more effective than the cardboard.

  12. Athlex Mar 29

    I’m posting this using an off-lease IBM X30 laptop that I just bought on eBay…I’d forgotten how much nicer the trackpoint is than a touchpad. Just makes my HP nx6110 feel like more of a brick.

  13. Peter Apr 1

    I’ve heard Apple bought FingerWorks and is now incorporating their tech (“multitouch”), beginning with iPhone – a likely reason for the unavailability of the Touchstream.

    Me, I’m waiting for a bluetooth trackball (preferably from Logitech). Something I can shove into my backpack and use when I need it.

    Good to hear from you, Adam. I’m glad you’re around and doing well –

  14. iMav Oct 5

    Unicomp is awesome. They recently assembled a new Model M mini (84-key Model M space saver) for me at my request. I also just recently purchased a EnduraPro from them.

    If you are interested in communing with others who feel just as passionate about their keyboards, swing by the geekhack.org forums.

  15. scott Jan 20

    I assume the Lenovo keyboards with the trackpoint work with any computer? All the site selling them make a big deal about how they’re compatible with the IBM laptops. I assume that if used a regular computer then the special function keys don’t work but the trackpoint works. Can anyone verify this?

  16. adam Jan 20

    Yup, the computer shouldn’t matter.

  17. Ben Jun 20

    Personally, I love my IBM M13, unfortunately my trackpoint died in it. I love the tactile response the keys give me. I’m always wondered why the trackpoint has never caught on, expecially with the DVRs that are coming out. You could have a mouse and keyboard in one device with almost no device size increase other than your standard size of your keyboard.

  18. James Sep 15

    I have the touchpad on my thinkpad configured to just be a scroll pad. Works pretty nice IMHO. I can scroll up/down/left/right with my thumb while moving the cursor with my trackpoint.


  19. hank Sep 25

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I KNEW I COULDN’T BE THE ONLY ONE! this has been very helpful!

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