In Search of Low-Calorie Slashdot Replacement

I reluctantly include Slashdot in my Google Reader subscriptions. I’ve yet to find another source with the same breadth of news coverage that approximately matches my personal and professional interests. The problem is that I’m increasingly annoyed by the editorial slant. The comments have always been hit-or-miss — mostly miss — but as I’ve gained expertise over the past six or seven years (particularly in legal topics), I’ve noticed that the article summaries themselves are invariably written by someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

So I ask the blogosphere: what’s a good Slashdot substitute? I’m looking for something with a good mix of breaking science, technology, Internet, law, and free-speech type stories, but without everything that makes Slashdot irritating.



  1. Erik J. Heels Apr 21

    Greetings Adam,

    I like TechDirt (and Mike Masnick’s writing in particular):

    I find TechDirt much better than Slashdot (which I stopped reading years ago, for the same reasons you cite).


  2. PhilArmstrong Apr 21

    Some of the sub-reddits might give you what you’re after: & perhaps.

  3. MJ Ray Apr 21 might give you a less irritating interface to slashdot, although it still contains the clue-maries…

  4. Philip Nelson Apr 21

    I find arstechnica to be good:

  5. Stefano Rivera Apr 24

    I also abandoned /. a few years ago too. It’s a mess.

    I’ll second the vote for arstechnica. BoingBoing catches most of the free-speech stuff.

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